Senator Kithure Kindiki Criticize the Clergy Mission to Unite the President and DP Ruto

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Barely a few days after the report emerges that a section of clergy members wants to reconcile the president and his deputy William Ruto move which has been criticised by the former Senate deputy speaker Kithure Kindiki.

According to the Senator, the move by the clergy to only focus on the two key leaders is not the way to go but they should focus on uniting the whole Jubilee party members who were united in 2017 and not just the president and his deputy.

This comes at a time when the country is preparing for the 2022 general election and the country is aiming at bringing together Kenyans to avoid what happened in 2007 after the general election and hence the clergy should move in and unite the whole country.

"The clergy are missing the point to suggest that the challenges facing our Nation into the future require only reconciling two individuals, the President & his Deputy. What ought to be done is to reconcile and restore the broken relationship between the post- 2017 Jubilee Government and the people."

Meanwhile, do you agree with Senator Kithure Kindiki that the clergy should focus on uniting the whole Jubilee party and not the President and his deputy, share your thoughts?

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