What it Takes to Open a Mpesa Shop


Due to the increase in the number of Mpesa users, opening an Mpesa shop can be the best business you can do. You can simply make money from the transactions running through your till. Just like an job goes, you won't strain much to run an Mpesa shop. You simply wait for the customer and serve him or within the shortest time possible. The lowest profit that Mpesa can make is fifteen thousand Kenyan shillings in one month. However to reap the benefits of the Mpesa shop you need to accomplish the following:

Have a sufficient capital.

Like any other business, for you to start an Mpesa shop you need to have enough capital. Your earning depends on the amount of capital that you have invested. For an average Mpesa should start with at least one hundred thousand as a starting capital. Here you can split it to fifty thousand to be electronic cash and fifty thousand to be solid cash. With this amount of capital you won't keep running to the bank to fill your float. Or you won't send away any customer because you are lacking cash either in your till or in hand. You should also have some extra cash like twenty thousand to purchase the line.

The license

In any business before you start you should clear with the government's demands. Visit the authorities in place to clear the with government. A part from that , you should have a certificate of good contact in order to be accepted to run this kind of business.

Allocate you shop

You can now choose the most favourable place that you can set up your Mpesa. You are advised to choose a place with many people and of high security. Your shop should be grilled and secured to minimize thefty cases.

Purchase the line

To get the till you can get connected with any safaricom authorised dealer who will sell and register your Mpesa line. If you don't know any, you can visit any nearest safaricom shop you will get helped. After having all that you are now ready to start making money through your till


The above article is according to the authors directives which are based on his own experience. This are not safaricom official guidelines.

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