The washed off Kassana bridge in the Sissala East District of Upper West Region.


Sissala East District of Upper West Region has encountered challenges to have access to their farms due to the breakage of the bridge Crossing the road.

The above picture shows how the bridge has been washed off.

Kassana bridge washed off putting economic and agricultural activities on pending.

For the third time between seven years, the second bridge on the road to Kassana has been washed off again leaving scores of farming stranded.

The bridge has affected so many activities in the Sissala East District especially the farmers who farm around Kassana area. It has affected a lot of economic activities, not allowing the people of Kassana to trade with the other residents of Sissala East District and other parts of the world. How the bridge has been washed off nobody can pass through there either by footing or by driving and we are please at the doors of the government of Ghana to help us out.

The bridge also stop farmers at the area of Sissala East from farming. Tractor owners and other drivers cannot be allowed to cross and hence when when your farm is been left out unplowed, you will not be able to saw anything on the farmland.

Farmers sincerely ask for immediate interventions from the government to fixed the bridge from Tumu to Kassana to enhance farming activities again at the Sissala East District.