Is The Youngest Lawmaker John Paul Likely to Retain his Seat? Polls conducted reveal this


The Kenyan house of parliament comprises members of parliament from all the sub-counties in Kenya as well as the nominated ones.

It is basically won through a democratic process that engages citizens through voting. Others are nominated as to undertake responsibilities of members of parliament.

Hon. John Paul Mwirigi is the youngest member of parliament currently. Winning the seat was not an easy task. He went through a lot of hardships to climb the ladder up.

Paul's close competitors, Rufus Miriti used to underrate the lawmaker during his campaigns by terming him poor. The grudge will continue through the 2022 general election.

The competition is very tight between the two horses. The rest of contestants have no great influence on Igembe South politics.

One of Igembe South residents has taken into Facebook a question to establish the most influential candidate among all the contestants. Many have expressed their unending love for the once underrated young MP.

Going per the comments, John Paul seems to have defeated Dr. Rufus Miriti by a great margin. Over 80% of comments are in support of the incumbent. Could this be an indication that John Paul is a development giant? Only time will tell. Below are some of the comments: