Effective Communication Between Teachers And Students


communication between teacher and student is essential to avoid Misunderstanding. communication is more than " teacher talks, and students listen" . it is more than simply the words exchanged between individuals. We communicate in many ways beyond the surface meaning.

In all interactions, a messages is sent and a message is received. sometimes teachers believe they are sending a particular message, but their tone of voice, body language, gestures, choice of words and lack of clarity may send out a complete different message. The underlying or hidden message may be called " the metacommunication. "

how people respond

students may hear the metacommunication and respond to it without ever stopping to think any further. for them, " the teacher said X but I know she means Y. " Perhaps the meaning implies was in the teachers tone of delivery, not the words actually spoken. the first principle of communication is that people respond to what they think was said or means not necessarily to the speakers intended message.

there are exercises teachers can try in classrooms and lecture halls to actors sending and receiving messages accurately. a teacher may encourage accurate communication by using " the paraphrase rule. " that is to say, before any participants ( including the teachers themselves) is allowed to respond to any other participants in a discussion, they must summarise what the previous speaker said. if the summary is wrong indicating the speaker was Misunderstood, the speaker must explain again. the respondent then tries again to paraphrase. the process continue until the speaker agreed that the listener has heard the correct message.

better to listening carefully

the paraphrase rule has several benefits. people must listen more carefully to each other ( through active listening), since they must paraphrase correctly before speaking themselves. they also learn to be clearer and articulate in their communications by hearing how others perceive and interpret their messages. sometimes two people find the only think they agree or disagree on a subject. often one person agrees with something the other person never meant to say or disagree with something the other person never said.

the technique of paraphrasing is more than a classroom exercise. it can be the first step in communication with anybody. for example before teachers can handle appropriately any students problem or understanding they must know what the real problem is.

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