Kamiti Prison CCTV Cameras Put 4 Officers In Trouble Over The 3 Terrorists Prison Break

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Probe into the escape of the three terrorists from Kamiti Maximum Prison is currently in progress as more details are being unraveled. The investigations officer is trying to narrow down to everything and establish the final conclusion on how the three succefully managed to escape from Kamiti Prison without being noticed.

This happened despite the high security in the prison controlled by CCTV cameras that monitor people's movements. The made the four people in charge of the CCTV department and watch tower land in trouble as they are required to explain. Among them, we had Pamela Cherubet, Peter Thuku, Lilian Mukasia, and Nicholas Otieno.

The four were arrested at their work place within Kamiti Prison after being doubted in the foul play following the escape of the three. The person in charge of investigations asked the court to grant him more time to find answers to all the questions since the matter is very complex.

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