4 Signs That Your Calling Comes From God

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God' s call is an invitation to do something within His plan. Today God continues to call His children to fulfill a specific plan for their lives, but how do you know when a call comes from God? To answer this question, there are four essential aspects that we must take into consideration.

Your calling is focused on your purpose

You already have a call! Every follower of Christ has a duty to share the good news of salvation with others (Mark 16: 15).

Our purpose on Earth is to make sure that no one is left without knowing that there is hope in Jesus. The other dreams, desires and desires that we have in life, must go according to this initial mission (Colossians 3: 2). If you believe that God is calling you to do something, the first thing to do is examine whether this in any way involves sharing your faith. If you don' t find any connection, the desire you have is more likely not from God, but from yourself.

Your call not only benefits you

Many times we confuse our dreams or personal goals with God' s call. If we long to go to Africa, we can believe that it is God who is calling us to go there. However, God' s call is never for his own benefit, but for the church in general. The Bible explains that our different gifts and talents help us contribute to the body of Christ and expand his kingdom (Romans 12: 4– 5; 1 Corinthians 12: 12– 31; 1 Peter 4: 10– 11). The call from God never serves to satisfy a personal aspiration but has a greater purpose, which, as a consequence, produces joy.

Your calling is chosen by God

The call is not something we can choose, it is God who does it for us. We have the power to reject him and turn away from him, but his call is for our own good and that of others. Maybe at that moment we don' t understand it, but in time we will realize that it really was for the best. God chooses our calling, but gives us free power to choose whether to accept it or not.

Your call will make you seek God more

The conversation between two people who yell at each other from a distance, is not heard or understood well compared to one that is done where people are face to face. This example also applies in the Christian life. We cannot say we know Jesus if we only pray when we remember and read our Bible every Sunday. Developing a personal relationship with God implies making it grow day by day, minute by minute, and keeping him present in the daily things of our lives. The Bible says that we can only hear God' s call when we know Him (John 10: 27- 29) and, if we think we have already received one from Him, this should bring us even closer to Him. There is no better way to confirm what your will is through prayer and reading the Bible.

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