"Ukabila Ni Ujinga" DP Ruto Tells Bumala Residents

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With 20222 general elections approaching, DP Ruto continues to sell his political agendas for the upcoming presidential elections. He has been seen to paint Busia County in yellow with a large mass of people around him.

DP Ruto today told Bumala residents not to vote basing on ethnicity. It is a high time that the youths should rise on the occasion and vote in large numbers. He remarked that his upcoming government will pump 100 billion to the economy so as to support creation of jobs for the youths and another 50 billion to support small businesses.

He continued to emphasize that the bottom up movement will ensure that there is no joblessness for the youths in Kenya. This will be streamlined through creation of more technical vocational institutes that will train and skill more youth with the current technological advancements. Below are some of the photos taken while addressing the residents;

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