"We are happy for her": Giovanni, Anita Akuffo & others express joy as Bella finally gets a date


Many wept and several others jumped for joy, when Bella a.k.a. “greatest journalism” was selected as the chosen one to be the date for Koffie on Tv3's Date rush. It was a bittersweet moment because although Bella was fortunate enough to get a date, her longtime partner from previous episodes, Fatima, facing the same predicament as her, was turned down.

Social media is buzzing with excitement. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all others are brewing with excitement and wishing Bella congratulatory messages because she has come far, including the show hosts, both Giovanni and Anita Akuffo. She has come a long way and really deserves her handsome and well to do Prince Charming (Koffie). It is the trending news now, considering how she was so excited and jumped for joy!. Others also wept tears of joy on her behalf. Today is her lucky day indeed!.

All the best to Fatima and we hope next week also springs the exact surprise on her too, so we can share in her joy.

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