Do you remember Gunjan and Baldev in the movie "Veera"see how they look recently

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iThe movie "veera" was a Tv series movie which was casted in 2006.They were able to come out with great talents.

It had been a long time of seeing Gunjan and Baldev who were siblings in the movie Veera.So probably they will change because the movie was casted in 2006.see how they have really changed

1.Arishfa Khan -- as Gunjan

Arishfa Khan is a child actor who worked as a child actor in Tv shows like Veera, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,Jennie Aur juju and baal veer to name a few has grown up into a beautiful teenager.Arishfa is best remembered for playing the role of Gunjan in veera.Arishfa was born on April 3,2003 so she is currently 17 years old and has changed a lot in all these years.She particularly loved for her innocent face and acting talents.

It had been a long of seeing Gunjan so truely she will changed.Below are her beautiful pictures

2.Devish Ahuja as Baldev

Devish Ahuja is an indian child actor.Devish Ahuja was born on friday May 11,2001 so he is currently 19 years now.Devish Ahuja has featured in many indian movies but he is well knowned for playing the role of Baldev in the Tv series Veera.He became very famous in the whole world.He acted as a stubborn boy in the movie.

It had been a very long time of seeing Baldev so below is his beautiful picturesplease don't forget to follow and like for more updates.

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