Expose Top Government Officials, Not Herbalists - Ghanaians React After A Disappointing Anas Exposé


Ghanaian undercover journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has time and again, proven to the people of Ghana that he is a master of the art of undercover journalism. Since he began his undercover activities, his exposes have mostly incriminated top government officials and revealed their corrupt ways to the people of Ghana. For example, he exposed Kwasi Nyantakyi and Ghana's sports industry. He exposed some government officials for being involved in some galamsey deals. He exposed some top people in child trafficking issues.

This has become his hallmark, the exposure of corruption among leaders of the country's governance. With this being his hallmark, Ghanaians expected a similar incident in his recent expose on quack doctors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

It had already been rumoured among Ghanaians that the government and some officials, especially those in charge of the nation's health services, are either massaging figures of the COVID-19 disease in Ghana or they are reporting false cases for money. Some even held that the money from the national COVID-19 fund was being misused by the president and some major officials for unspeakable acts. These were the expectations for the expose. This is what Ghanaians wanted to see.

However, the Anas exposé showed a certain self acclaimed herbal doctor selling fake drugs. These herbal doctors have always existed in Ghana, selling fake drugs even before the pandemic began. Because of this, the expose was nothing special. Ghanaians already knew this for a long time.

The only figure of interest and high class who was exposed was perhaps, the boss of COA FS company. Even with him, not much was seen about his 'false' ways.

This has caused Ghanaians to react with massive uproar. See a few of the reactions below:

There was also the complain about the video being too short. Anas has obviously not met expectations this time.

Could there be a reason for it?

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