David Sankok Speaks Over Claims of Being Wooed From UDA to Jubilee Party

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Hon David Ole Sankok, a member of Parliament who is known to be a staunch admirer of deputy president William Ruto and a member of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), has reacted to reports that he is intending to leave the party. 

Hon Kibe Wanjiku, a member of the Jubilee party and Gatundu North MP, was seen with Sankok this morning, and afterwards said that Ole Sankok was moving to the Jubilee party ahead of the August general election.

However, Hon Sankok, who refused to divulge the reason for her meeting with Hon Wanjiku, has urged Kenyans to disregard the charges. 

Nominated MP indicated that he is a staunch admirer of deputy president William Ruto, and that he will work hard to guarantee that his party's leader wins the general election. 

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