Checkout These Latest Designs From Organza and Ankara Combinations


Rocking Ankara has become a popular fashionable outfit in Nigeria and beyond Africa. What should make you stand out of the crowd with your Ankara fabric is how you styled it to become unique to you.

You deserve to stand out with your style and make heads turn with your fashion style and one way to do this is to mix your Ankara and with organza fabric.

These two fabrics are great to mix and match and since both fabrics are usually of different textures, they give your outfit a balanced look.

Organza is a lightweight, translucent fabric that is made from silk, fibre, polyester and nylon. This fabric is delicate and has been used times without number for wedding gowns, sheer tops, evening wear, bags, costumes, home decor, etc. 

Some features of Organza fabrics are it's lightweight, transparent, stiff and firm, yet delicate.

Some types of organza fabric are:

1. Satin Organza

2. Embroidered Organza

3. Crystal Organza

4. Shot Organza

5. Mirror Organza

6. Crushed Organza

To recognize quality organza, check for the holes. The more holes per inch, the higher the quality of the fabric.

Stylish ladies who loves to make good impressions with whatever they wear will love these Ankara and organza styles. Their combo makes comfortable and confident designs on any lady.