Popular Nairobi Church Leader Asks Followers To Pay Money So As To Receive Miracle Car

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Religion is one of key aspects in human life as beings believe in the existence of a Super natural being. In Kenya, there is freedom of worship and the Christian fraternity have been seen coming up with different churches. Among such existing churches is the Maximum miracle centre church led by pastor Pius Muiru.

According to a post by Emoo FM radio on its Facebook page, the Nairobi based church has attracted attention from the public. This is after the church leader pastor Pius urged his followers to pay Kenya shillings ten thousands for them to get miracle cars. This seems like a joke but reports indicate that some staunch followers of the religious leader have responded positively. Such instances of church bosses taking advantage of their followers was also seen in the 310 agenda of pastor Kanyari. The whereabouts of the pastor has been far from the public while his former wife left him for someone else after the expose.

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