"Congratulations" Kenyans Appreciate Jalango For Achieving This


Recently, Jalango took to his Instagram account to share his YouTube statistics with his many followers of Jalango TV. 

From his post, Jalango seems to have gained 28,000 new subscribers and 3,000,000 total streams. He was. really happy with this little achievement and urged Kenyans to subscribe to his channel for more news. 

His fans on the other side could not keep calm and took to the comment section to react. Most of them congratulated him for his milestone, which is actually a great achievement in Kenya since recieving support from your own people is hard. 

Others on the other hand requested to be included in the show to share their experiences while others requested for Jalango to bring various celebrities to his show. Check out other comments below. 

Jalango TV is a YouTube channel where Jalango uploads interviews with various political leaders or trending people in Kenya. Have you subscribed to his channel? Comment below. 

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