Excited Man With Disability Makes Fun In Raila's Meeting

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Raila Odinga who is the presidential aspirant under Azimio la umoja team has today met with people with disability in Nairobi ,Langata constituency where he gave them chance to represent their views .

One of the man with disability was too happy to meet and greet Raila odinga saying that ,he will make his wife pregnant again .

" Tumefurahia sana ,Tena sana hata naona Leo anaeza pata Mimba ingine Tena Leo ,kwa sababu nimetamani kushake mkono yako ". The man stated front of Raila odinga .

Here is the link of the video of the man whomade fun while giving speech in the meeting of the people with disabilities in Langata ;


Raila has promised them that he will keep their promise once he clinch onto presidential seat come august poll .

People with disability who attended the meeting presented their griviences hoping Raila will solve them .

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