EPL Top Scorers: After Lacazette's Brace Against Sheffield, See Where He Is Currently Ranked


Arsenal beat Sheffield United 3-0 in the last EPL encounter of the day on Sunday night. A brace from Andre Lacazette and another goal from Martinelli were enough to cause damage to the home team who are struggling to remain in the top flight this season. After a 3-3 draw in the hands of West Ham last week and another 1-1 draw at home to Prague in Europa League, Arteta's men wanted a deserved win to remain relevant in the push for a place in top six.

However things were done in 14th minute by Lacazette as he put the Gunnar's ahead after Arsenal were playing with lots of confidence building play from their own half. In the second half Martinelli struck from Pepe's shot after Ramsadale punched his his shot. At that point the Gunnar's were in control of the game and they never allowed the home team to make any visible impact.

Lacazette now added another one after Pattey squared a lovely pass to him and the Arsenal striker composed himself to go on and score a third goal for Arsenal.

That Lacazette's goal was his 13th for Arsenal this season. Salah and Kane leads the race with 19 goals, while Bruno is third with 16 goals.

In another result Manchester United beat Tottenham 3-1 at White Hart Lane to close the gap on the premier League leaders, city who lost 2-1 to Leeds United on Saturday.

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