Why Some Parents are to Blame for Their Children's Failures in Life


Parenting is usually complicated and hard especially if you are new to it. It is considered as a skill that many get to know after sometime while others never get the hang of it. The way you bring up your child dictates alot on who they will become and how successful they are in life. Even though most parents think that it's their children's effort that make them successful, the truth is that they play a big role in determining the success of their children. Below are some reason that may lead your child to failure.

Belief that education is the only way to success.

Most parents believe that the only way to achieving financial freedom is through education. This might be true but it does not apply to all. There is always no need to pressure your child to achieve something in life just because you didn't achieve it. Instead, you are supposed to help them to Perdue what they want. There is no need of forcing your child to do a particular course just to please you and he/she is talented in a particular art. In today's world,your child can earn alot of money from their talent with just a little bit of education. Remember education is not bad but you should encourage you children to pressure what they love not what you feel they should love.

Odering your child around.

Ordering a child is not the best way to bring them up. This is because they will do something only to please you when you are there and do the opposite when you are not around. This will also create some form of fear such that they will not be free to tell you anything. Instead, it might create a big drift between you and your child.

Dont spank you child all the time he/she disappoints you.

Just because you were brought up by spanking and you learnt the right thing doesn't mean that you should also do the same to your child. This is because you might end up making them hate you especially when they feel that you are releasing all your stress on them. You should always make sure that before you spank them you ensure that they know the reason why you are doing it.

Remember no one is perfect and make sure you analyze a situation very well before punishing your child.

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