PMB's Aide Blow Hot, Says Retraction Of Fake News Paddled Against Pantami By NewsWireNGR Not Enough


The news earlier published by major news media in Nigeria concerning the minister of Digital economy, Mallam Isa Pantami that, the United States of America have placed the performing Ministers on terror watch list is now been flagged as fake news by those who earlier made the publication.

It will be recalled that, news agencies such as NewsWireNGR failed to do their investigation properly before jumping into conclusion, and subsequent publication against the Buhari's cabinet member. (Sheikh Isa Pantami).

According to the those who published the fake news such as NewsWireNGR, and others, Pantami was placed on the list by the US government for maintaining relationship with a man who frequently publishing Boko Haram stories in Nigeria.

The allegation which cannot be verified in any United States government portal has since been flagged as fake by the presidency. In reaction to the development, NewsWireNGR has retracted their earlier stand in the publication.

The news agency pleaded with their readers and the Minister to forgive them for the error committed. Our further investigation have shown that, no such list contained the name of the minister, the news agency states in the retraction publication. See the retraction headline from NewsWireNGR below:

Reacting to the retraction story from the news media, the Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on New Media, Bashir Ahmed asked if NewsWireNGR thinks the retraction publication is enough to undo the damage done to the person of the minister.

Do you think the retraction is enough to stop the attacks instituted on Isa Pantami because of your earlier false publication? Bashir questioned. See the tweet below:

Recall that, Bashir Ahmed himself have been a victim of fake news in the recent weeks. A particular news media had written on social media platforms that, the SA to the president was given a secret appointment with the NNPC. The story equally turned out to be false shortly after it was published, accepted, and spread by many people.

What do you think should be done to those who peddled fake news which includes traditional news media in the country?