Bad News To Kenyans As The Prices Of Wheat Flour Rises In The Country. The New Price Now Announced

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The cost of living in the country has gone up of recent due to the rise in prices of fuel. Also the shortage of fuel in the country has seen prices of common commodities rise by large margin in the country. This period of election has had a big impact on the cost of the living standards in the nation.

As we remain only with two months to the general election, the prices of wheat flour has gone up again. The prices are now Sh200 per 2 KG bag which seem to be high to Kenyans. The price is said to have gone high due to the wheat shortage in the global market. At the moment, 2Kg bag is costing a kenyan Sh200.

It is not just wheat flour, most prices of commodities such as cooking oil, cooking gas, sugar, milk among others have gone up since January. The big question from Kenyans now is, will the prices go back to normal prices after elections? The government should find ways of cushioning Kenyans from the rise of prices?

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