Check Out List Of People Around The World Who Happily Got Married To Two Partners At The Same Time

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Check Out List Of People Around The World Who Happily Got Married To Two Partners At The Same Time

The demonstration of wedding two spouses around the same time or getting hitched to two husbands simultaneously isn't extremely normal in our social orders, yet these sorts of individuals exist in our social orders. It is difficult to comprehend why these individuals decided to be with 2 accomplices simultaneously, yet I am certain they more likely than not suspected it profoundly prior to proceeding with it.

This people here are not ashamed about the community of the public reactions. They don't care at all but they choose to follow their hearts in doing what is right for them.

Here are the list of people, both males and females, who got married to two partners at the same time.

1. Brisbane

Brisbane is a young lady who got married to two men at the same time. While it's still taboo to some of us but to her it's her Constitutional right to accept two more men in her marriage. Brisbane is a woman from the United States of America who is happily married to two men. To Brisbane wedding two spouses has been a more noteworthy encounter for her than wedding only one husband.

2. Babangida Sodiq

A Nigerian man recognized as Babangida Sodiq Adamu and his excellent polygamous family has been conceded meet with BBC News Africa Pidgin and he has disclosed why he chose to wed two lovely ladies around the same time and furthermore the advantages he gets from wedding two ladies that men with only one spouse don't benefit.

3. Kenya Stevens

Carl and Kenya Stevens have been happily married for 22 years. But for more than half of their time together they have both had multiple lovers. A woman has caused a buzz after sh social share a photo with her two husbands - The polyamorous woman identified as Kenya Stevens explained that they have a peaceful relationship

Kenya is from Detroit, a city in Michigan, a notable state in the United States of America. Kenya became a popular figure when she revealed that she was married to two different men, and she is living with them in the same house.

4. Ekpe Akpove

Delta state polygamist Ekpe Akpove, who married two women same day, has explained the reason for his action. The Isoko-born Akpove said he loves the two women equally. And besides, each of them has given birth to three kids for him. The wives are Okoro Oghenekomeno and Maro Ukpuru.

According to the information gathered about the story of this Deltan man, he is a farmer, and he decided to tie the knot with both women in 2021 just to make his relationship with both women legal.

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