'So We Should Be Silent When He Speaks?'- Another Uhuru's Ally Badly Attacks Muturi, Reveals This


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The Coronation of Speaker Justin Muturi to become the next Mt Kenya Region leader has finally been completed with the national assembly speaker officially becoming the regional speaker of the communities living in the area. 

Despite the ceremony going viral, several leaders from the region have quashed the event terming it fake. Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya has become the next leader to dress down the event. 

According to Munya, there is no position in government called Mt Kenya Region Leader. He said that the only seat he knows is the Chairperson of the Njuri Ncheke council of elders which he can take if he wishes so. 

According to Munya, Muturi's Coronation is just part of the political games ahead of the 2022 general elections. He said that he does not acknowledge him as the official leader. 

The latest statements by Munya will no doubt raise further questions on whether the president supports the coronation. Video.

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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