5 Prayers to say tonight before going to bed If You Are Not Financially strong

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It is the will of God for his people to be prosperous. But it is obvious that most people who always strive to see themselves stand financially are yet to be financially strong despite their every day struggle.

Some of the things hindering mankind from becoming successful financially are beyond them except they take it to God in prayers.

Please say these prayers

1. Lord, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I come to you today because your are the creator of the whole universe. I thank you for who you are.

2. Lord Jesus, I thank you for the life you gave to me and what you have been doing for me. My Father My God, my greatest happiness is that everything is under your control, what you can not do does not exist.

3. My Creator, I know your will for me is for good and not bad

4. My Father, I come to you tonight, asking you to distroy everything hindering my sucess. My Lord, tonight I pray for your open doors in my life

5. Come and rule in my life Lord, let Your Grace and Glory locate me this night. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen

Conclude this pray by typing Amen

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