Opinion: Do you ever think about the mysteries of life? find out


Life is the state of being alive or living. We perceive life due to our daily experiences and encounters. Our knowledge is limited to what life is after death. That's why we see it as a mystery. However, there are certain things that are hidden to many people about life which I discuss below.

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1. Life accompanies no manual. When you buy a product, a handbook containing instructions on how to use follows it. On the contrary, our daily experiences and decisions determine our direction and activity; that's our manual. Some people seem to above counseling but the truth is the more you learn, the smarter you become. It is important to embrace good lifestyle.

2. Life is transient; it passes away. The fact that one day you and I will die is always frightening. At a point some people don't want to hear about death. The thought of death alone should be able to humble every living being. The struggles and bloodshed today is because of asset accumulation and supremacy which doesn't last forever. You gathered so much for the future but die today. The only thing you eventually take to the afterlife is your soul; nothing more.

3. Life is dynamic. No state of being is permanent; ranging from happiness to sadness, slim to fat, sickness to well-being and so on. We hear cases of child maltreatment on daily basis. Life is never predictable. Someone you maltreat today may help you tomorrow in one way or the other. Being poor today does not define your future. It can change from any state to another.

4. Life is a privilege. There is a purpose for everyone's existence on earth. Do you ever ask why some people are dying everyday and you are still alive? It's obvious that not by our powers that we stay alive, but by the grace of God. Strive to know the reason for your existence. Utilize the opportunity you have today before it will be too late.

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