"What More Evidence Do You Need To Be Satisfied?"Havi Promises To Challenge 2 Orders In Court


Today, the COTU Secretary General, Francis Atwoli hosted a meeting of ODM and Julibee allies at his home in Ildamat in Kajiado. Some of the leaders who attended the meeting were Hon. Junet Mohammed, David Murathe, Francis Atwoli who was the host, Hon. Peter Kenneth and Hon. Raphael Tuju. The meeting convened was on political consultative.

However, the meeting has sparked heated debates from Kenyans and other interest groups. The meeting has stirred mixed reactions and splitting among Kenyans. Many have attacked the team saying that they are having meeting a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is causing more problems in the country. Others have claimed that the team is headed for a better and brighter political days. Another group stated that the meeting is coming at a time when many Kenyans are suffering economically. Orengo claimed that he is sure the everything in the country is politically planned and there will no confusion come next year during the 2022 elections.

Many Kenyans criticized the meeting telling the leaders that they are advancing their political desires at the expense of the common citizens. Some told James Orengo that they want to visit him to have a healthy discussion on the matters facing the youth especially job security and so they requested when will be the appropriate time to visit him.

The Law Society of Kenya, Nelson Havi also reacted to remarks by James Orengo. In his statement he said, "What more evidence do you need to be satisfied that lockdown and curfew orders have nothing to do with containing spread of Covid-19? Next will be a meeting in Bomas followed with another one in Naivasha. Don’t ask what have I done. I have challenged the two orders in Court."

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