'Dunia Imeharibika' A Man is Arrested For Inserting His Fingers To The Private Parts of a Minor

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Crimes are on the rise in the recent society and when it comes to child molestation, several cases are reported in frequent times.

It is saddening to note that these molestation cases are caused by people quite close to the child. It could be a parent, uncle, teacher, pastor, guardian or another who is well known to the child. This is quite unfortunate since the person who is supposed to care and protect the child is the one molesting the innocent soul.

In the most recent reported incident, a man was charged in Kibera law court for assulting an 8 year old girl.

The 8 year old had been invited to the man's house by his daughter so that they can do assignment together. The man then took that advantage and did the unnatural and unimaginable to the young innocent girl. He molested her by inserting his fingers at her private parts without minding she is a minor.

Now, this is quite bad and evil of the man. Instead of helping the young souls with their assignments and studies, he goes ahead to molest one of them who innocently came to his house to help in his daughter's studies.

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