Good news for South Africans overseas as they can be repatriated from Europe to South Africa

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Good news for South African overseas, in the effort to repatriate the citizens of its country, the government has cooperated with the French and Dutch Embassy in South Africa for the repatriation of his citizens. The Air plan “Air France and KLM” are organizing several flights for repatriation of South African residents who want to come back home. All the Flights are already authorized by the South African government and are also confirmed to take place.

The flights will be has following in the picture:

For the repatriation process query at: +27 11 790 0401, the number is working 24/7 and the address Email is These flights will be close 8 days before the departure of each one of them, you should then submit your request and information 8 days before.

The passenger with an expired visa can apply and request for a temporary emergency one-way passport, this will allow them to get in to the planes and travel without being disturbed.

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