Parents Don't Allow Your Precious Kids To Watch These Movies(opinion)

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Kids need to be protected from things they watch on screens as they see it as a good thing, some shows are very bad to be watched by the young. You can't have your kid watching the likes of The Bold And The Beautiful as that show is all about kissing and intimacy.

The kid's brain keeps things for a long time and they later practice what they see on screens, that is like allowing them to watch wrestling and after the show, they go behind your back to practice it.

Some of the shows are not educational and even if they do have an age limit but still you must block them not to be watched by the little ones.

Let's at the list of these shows:

1. Game of Thrones

2. Deadpool

3. Fifty Shades Of Grey Series

4. The Bold And The Beautiful

5. The Nun

6. Onward

7. Harry Potter

8. The Lord of the Rings

9. The mummy

10. Shaft

11. The Spartans movie

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