Here is amazing car that was built with a technology that enables it to repair itself.

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There is nothing as sweet as owning a car, but sometimes the cost of maintenance and regular repairs will turn it into a bitter-sweet experience.

I think this was what Lamborghini considered when they decided to partner with some researchers from MIT to make a concept sports car which is made up of a carbon fibre shell that can repair damages and cracks by itself, it was called The Terzo Millennio which means the third millennium in Italian.

The entire body of this all-electric car is made up of a carbon fibre structure, which is built with self-healing technology, which monitors the car continuously and uses different sensors to check if it has any crack or damage in the body.

If any form of damage is detected by the sensors, the self-repairing process starts by generating heat to seal any cracks by filling them with nanotubes, thus preventing the damage from escalating any further.

One unique thing about this particular car is that, unlike other electric cars that are powered by conventional batteries, the Terzo Millennio is powered by supercapacitors. These supercapacitors are made with carbon, meaning they are quite malleable thus allowing them to be integrated into the body of the car as energy panels, this ultimately makes the car lighter in weight and the entire body of the car to be used for storing energy.

Using this method to store energy means that the car can be charged very fast and it can hold power longer than a normal battery-powered electric car. All the wheels of the car come with an integrated electric engine which gives the car a 4-wheel drive experience and feel.

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