Wife Kills Husband in Nakuru Then Sends Text Message to Mother-in-Law That He is Dead


A wife from hell in Nakuru County has gone and done the unthinkable this morning by killing her husband. The yet unidentified woman, hit the husband with a blunt object on the head first before she went ahead and strangled him.

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The woman it seems wanted to ensure that the husband is dead completely before she could do anything. This is because, strangulation and being hit by a blunt object, are the markings of a true killer.

The woman then did the unthinkable by actually texting the husband's mother to inform her of the passing of the son. It is not clear at this point if the woman wanted to cover up her tracks by the text.

This is a cruel thing to do, especially going the extra mile of actually texting the mother-in-law to tell her that the husband is dead. This is taboo in many traditions and this just shows how gender violence has skewed the country.

There are a lot of killings in the country at the moment related to gender violence and the government should do something. Couples are afraid to go for therapy sessions even when they see that things are not working out.

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Recently, the former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, told couples to call it quits when things aren't working out. However, many fail to mention the importance of couples therapy which can help solve the problem.

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