The Mighty Nkunzi Rans Half Naked On Uzalo, Checkout

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Spoiler Alert! In this weeks episode of Uzalo, Nkunzi's recently observed relationship with Philippe's better half Ndoni will end in tears.

Nkunzi was passed on to deal with Ndoni however a relationship immediately bloomed between the two. This occurred at a time Gabisile was attempting to make a move at Nkunzi.

Gabisile's expectations of accommodating with Nkunzi were completely broken when she busted Nkunzi and Ndoni in bed together.

In a frantic endeavor to wreck Nkunzi's relationship, Gabisile takes an intense action and she takes Philippe's number from Nkunzi's telephone. In an envious fury, Gabisile illuminates Philippe about Nkunzi and Ndoni's relationship status.

After Gabisile sold them out, Philippe is set to show up at Nkunzi's property. He will find Nkunzi and Ndoni in bed together. Sibonelo faults his mom for squealing on his dad, Nkunzi and not considering the repercussions of her activities since Philippe is an exceptionally risky man.

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