2021 Most Incredible Military Trucks in The World.


Military trucks are an integral part of the armies, they are used to transport weapons, vehicles, or other cargo. Can serve as a command post, platform for the installation of various weapons and other things. I will be talking about the incredible military trucks in the world.

1. Baz- 6909.

BAZ-6909 special wheel chassis was developed and is produced by the Bryansk Motor Company plant. It is a purposed-designed heavy high-mobility military vehicle.

The Baz-6909 was designed to carry specialized military equipment such as weapons, missiles, shelters, and Radars. This truck has a payload capacity of 18-20 tons.

The Baze- 6909 has good cross-country mobility. It can operate on all kinds of roads over rough terrain and in remote areas. The truck is fitted with a central tire inflation system and has a climatic operational range from a negative 50 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius.

2. Medium Tactical Vehicle.

South Korean automotive company Kia Motors launched its new line of tactical military. 2.5 ton and 5-ton trucks are called medium tactical vehicles, which they intend to market to the Republic of Korea Army as a replacement to its existing trucks.

The new design uses a cab over engine configuration unlike Kia's existing Km250 and Km500 trucks. Which uses the conventional configuration of the engine being in the front with a bonneted cab.

The vehicles have also stanag 4569 level two armored protection in the cabin, and sidewalls in the rear cargo area to protect the driver and passengers from small arms.

The Kia MTV can also be configured as a troop or cargo carrier support vehicle, command post, and other roles.

3. Carapace.

The Carapace is a frontline fuel tanker, it was developed by Scania for the French armed forces. It is based on the Scania R440 heavy-duty truck.

This truck is intended for overseas deployments, it can tow large amounts of fuel to the frontline for aircraft and vehicle refueling. Carapace tractor truck operates in conjunction with a special 22,000-liter capacity semi-trailer. It is the largest refueling vehicle in service with the French Armed Forces.

Both of its cabs are armored, they protect 762 by 39 Millimeter armor-piercing rounds and artillery shell.

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