Say Goodbye To Parliament: Reactions As Kelvin Taylor Drops Photo Of Muntaka's House In New York

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Ghanaians are raging of anger as Kelvin Taylor proved his earlier allegations. Today, Kelvin Taylor dropped photos of the house of Member of Parliament for the Asawaase constituency in New York. This came as a shock to Ghanaians as no one expected such surprises.

Initially, the claims that he received bribes from the ruling New Patriotic Party was taken as a mere allegation. However, these photos raised a lot of questions. The truth is that, it is normal for politicians to make money and as such accumulate durable wealth. However, that scenario always work for people in the ruling government.

The assumption that Muntaka Mubarak receives bribe answers his lack of moral right to question the government and make the government accountable. For some time now in Parliament, he has been silent and this vindicates Kelvin Taylor.

Reacting to these photos, Ghanaians praised the good works of Kelvin Taylor in exposing the hypocrisy of Muntaka. Others also stated that Muntaka should say goodbye to Parliament because these are his last days in Parliament.

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