157 MojaLove suspends Jub-Jub amid the allegations, read here

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After the allegations against Jub-Jub made its way to the internet, people called out MojaLove and demanded Jub-Jub to be removed from their screens.

Jub-Jub's life is about to go from bad to worse as many people are coming forward and sharing their stories on how he raped them.

Amanda Dupont's courage fuelled fire in the women who had the same encounter with Jub-Jub.

While Jub-Jub may still be trying to find ways to defend himself and exonorate himself from these allegations, he may find himself jobless, should he be found guilty.

MojaLove have released a statement on the issue.

"Jub-Jub conducted an interview on podcast and chill with MacG, which aired on channel O yesterday,in his personal capacity. MojaLove was not part of the editorial of that İnterview and is not associated with its content thereof. As a channel, though we don't condone any gender based violence in any way and under any circumstances. As MojaLove we have decided to suspend Jub-Jub", read the statement

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