Photos of Extremists Who Took Beauty to Another Level

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Most people in the world do not appreciate their natural appearance and that's why its obvious to find someone undergoing all that can be done to change his or her appearance.

Changing the appearance involves various methods some of which entails very painful processes such as body incisions and skin piercing or moderate ones like plastic surgeries and application of bleaching cosmetics.

Most of these body modifications are done either for self-expression, taboos in some communities in the world, or for beauty such as applying cosmetics for a bright skin tone.

However, some of these modifications are very weird and people who have undergone such are deprived the human appearance totally since they look like aliens.

It is difficult to understand how some of these people survive with such abnormalities, like for example imagine how someone with a large hole drilled at the cheeks could chew food or how a person with heavy metals at the eyes is able to see.

See photos of people with extreme body modifications below.

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