Kenyans fed up with Uhuru Kenyatta: Demand for his resignation.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has woken up to realise that Kenyans have grown tired of his running of the country and have infact gone ahead to use the legendary chant, "Uhuru Must Go!" against him.

Apparently, Kenyans have been holding their silence for long about how Uhuru Kenyatta has been misusing his presidency. The inward urge to see a better Kenya has finally burst and Kenyan citizens have now opened their eyes and seen how they are being taken for granted.

Uhuru Kentatta's fans who voted for him during the last two elections have been ridiculed as well after demanding for his resignation. One twitter user by the name Amos Maxwell said sarcastically; "Where do sponsors of this Hashtag want our Young Uhuru to go? When people wanted Uhuru to go via a ballot mlimpea birthday gift. Let Uhuru stay here and be Prime Minister in 2022"

Another one said; "The same people who were chanting "TANO TENA" are now here telling us how #uhurumustgo It is sad they even lured a gospel artist into that mess. My friends, you haven't seen anything yet. Reggae is about to hand him another 7yrs term."

Apparently, those saying Uhuru must Go were suggesting that Deputy President William Ruto to be elected president. However, these were shut down too by bring reminded that since Ruto and Uhuru were voted together, they go home together.

One user did not agree with this. He said; "Why look as if Ruto has been fit all through? The Democracy (People) want Uhuru to go and so we shouldn't leave Ruto behind. But the System wants to impeach Ruto and leave Uhuru? Now which is which? Shouldn't the system impeach both of them and not one? Think about it"

Both Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto have remained silent on the issue but it is clear that now Kenyans are setting themselves up to see change in the country.

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