The Brabus Mercedes-AMG G 63 With a Hard To Believe Price Tag

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Besides modifying pretty much every vehicle made by Mercedes, be it Benz, AMG or even Maybach, as well as the tiny Smarts, Brabus is also in the car-selling business.

Their heavily modified projects, often with an OTT (Over the top) touch, cost a lot of money, and this Mercedes-AMG G 63 is one of the most expensive vehicles currently listed by the German tuner.

Since we’ve started with the price, we might as well tell you how much it costs: €453,033 or almost $540,000 which is R8.2 million at the current exchange rates. For that kind of money, one could get almost THREE brand new G63s straight from the dealer in Germany, or a very nice home in most regions of the world, two in Houghten or one in the very exclusive places of the Western Cape if you know where to look. Brabus says that they will ship this bad boy in 4 to 12 months after placing the order.

Some of the things that make it special are the carbon-fibre add-ons, sinister black paint contrasted only by the gold accents, hence the Black & Gold Edition designation, muscular stance, 11x23-inch wheels with a 25-spoke design at the front and 20-spoke at the rear, shod in 305/35 Yokohama tires, and a few other things.

Capable of seating four in great comfort, this tuned AMG G-Wagen sports a similar makeover on the inside. Black is the dominating shade, with the fine leather upholstery applied all over. Gold trim can be seen on different parts of the interior.

A power upgrade has boosted the output and torque numbers of the 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 from 577 HP/430 kW to 789 HP/588 kW. The 0-100 kph acceleration is quoted at 4.1 seconds, an 0.4-second improvement over the stock G 63 that tops out at 240 kph when ordered with the optional AMG Driver’s Pack.

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