The Secret My Husband Had That Broke My Heart (Fiction)


To love is a good thing but sometimes it blinds us in order not to see the true characters of the people who claimed to love us. It is so pathetic to have come to realize that it was not love at all. I met my husband eleven years ago. We courted for about two years and married in the third year. We were set to be married after performing the first marriage rites and that is "The Knocking". During that time, I got pregnant after few weeks of Knocking and so we actually changed our date set for marriage.

We hurriedly bought all the necessary items written on the list and the time came for marriage. On the day of our Engagement, early in the morning a woman came looking for me but she was told that I was in the shower having my bath. She couldn't wait for me and left. I was eager to know what the woman had to say. Time was really flying and I was all dressed up and set for very special day. We had a simple but beautiful ceremony and family and friends attended in their numbers. At the time, there was no Corona Virus so you can just imagine. My husband had many friends from JHS to the University.

Little did I know that my husband was a womanizer who had played with the hearts of many women. Even the current one was the one who came looking for me on the Engagement Day. One year after the marriage, my husband told me that he has something to say to me. Immediately my heart jumped and was terrified because his voice has changed. I was so afraid but eager to listen to what he wanted to say.

Lo and behold, he told that he was a "Ladies Lover" and he had impregnated a lady before he married me. He continued to say that he told her to abort it but the lady refused. She has now given birth and that burden of guilt has really weighed down on his shoulders.I was heart broken because I was deceived and fooled. I really love and trusted him. I didn't think he could do this to me.

I thought I knew him so well. This was just a tip of the iceberg, maybe he had more secrets that he is now gathering courage to tell me. So I now live in uncertainty and not knowing where the next blow is coming from.