Young Lady Advices Fellow Ladies To Do This If They Want Respect From Their Partner

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Unidentified young lady has shared her opinion on how ladies could get respect from their partner when they are in relationship. According to her, most ladies are complaining about how to get respect from their better half because most men does not sometimes recognize them. Explaining it to her fellow ladies she says, one of the easiest way to get the required respect from your man is to reject his money as gift. According to her, it could be that you have been accepting money from him as gift but hasn't rejected before then you could try and reject his money.

It would be a tough one but the fact that you try rejecting it would bring the man's attention on the reason you rejected it. Do not reject it because of anger but on a nice way to appreciate him and due to that, it would generate a strong bond between you and your partner. She kept on advising ladies to practice it if only the need a respect from a man.

"Reject your man's money, if you want him to respect you in relationship", she says.

Well what the young lady is saying could be true to some extent because most men have the mentality that, 'ladies love money'. But you could clear the doubt by practicing what the lady is saying. It is a simple advice you may take her words or leave it.

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