Virginia Kamotho Responds to Ex-Husband After He Threatens Their Kids Not to Use His Name


Virginia Kamotho is a mother of twelve children and she was married to her ex husband Kamotho who they later separated.

Virginia had been in and out of courts trying to fight for her children after her ex husband Kamotho tried to keep them away from her and later she was granted all her children.

According to Virginia, Kamotho has been calling her daughter Wamuyu who joined her few days ago where she claims that Kamotho told her daughter that their mother should that she should provide for them another father since he is no longer their father.

Virginia claims that her children will continue using his sir name since he is their father and despite their separation the kids are his and they have the right to call him father and he should stop threatening them.

Virginia claims Kamotho is fighting for the children who are not his when his children are suffering and he never checks on them but he has the courage to call them and threaten them not to use his name.

Virginia has gone ahead claiming she is ready for DNA test if he keeps on insisting that her children are not his where she has also claimed she will sit with the elders to solve the issue.