Uhuru Tours Ruto's Turf, Ruto And Raila Want Karua, Teachers' CBA Talks In Newspapers Today


Today's newspapers have collections of stories majorly on politics and the developments in the judiciary where the BBI appeal case is going to be heard from Tuesday 29.

Let's have a look at the star, people, standard, nation, Taifa leo and businesses daily.

The star.

The main story is on President Uhuru's planned tour of the rift valley which is home to his deputy William Ruto.

Uhuru is set to visit Uasin Gishu next month and it's not clear whether the DP will be accompanying him.

However, the former leader of Majority kipchumba murkomen has taken to his twitter account to welcome the president to the rift promising a huge turn out.

"R.Valley region under the leadership of DP Ruto has voted for U.Kenyatta 4 times.For 4 years he has been MIA in the region.His visit is long overdue.

We have many questions touching on projects&governance.We shall be there under the leadership of WSR who led us to him.I can’t wait" he said on Twitter.

This will be happening at a Time when it's clear that he will not be Supporting Ruto's presidential ambitions as he promised.

In another story, Amani national congres leader Musalia Mudavadi is set to pocket Ksh 41 million as pension for being Kenya's vice president for only two months.

The standard

The standard headline features the big day when BBI appeal case is going to be heard before a seven judge bench led by justice Musinga.

The proponents of BBI are represented by lawyers led by Siaya senator Orengo while the opponents are represented by lawyers led by law society of Kenya president Nelson Havi.

The high court had declared the BBI Constitutional amendment initiative null and void triggering another round of court battle at the appellate court.

People daily

The people daily has a story about teachers service commission's planned meeting with teachers' unions today to discuss the CBA.

The commission is expected to give a counter offer to teachers inorder to avert a potential industrial dispute ahead of the start of a new academic year.

Curiously, this is happening a few days after KNUT secretary general Wilson Sosion resigned from office.

With eyes socked in tears, Sosion opted out of the union that he had led since 2013 citing frustrations by TSC.

Taifa leo

The main headline on the Swahili publication is about legislators who never talked in Parliament in 2020.

They are led by KANU leader Gideon Moi, mps Oscar Sudi, Maina kamanda and Sylvanus Osoro among others. This is despite the fact that they are vocal outside Parliament.

In another story, both Raila and Ruto are busy scheming to get Martha Karua on their sides inorder for them to realise their 2022 presidential dreams.

The two bank on the vote rich mount Kenya region and are keen on getting a running mate from Uhuru's backyard.

Business daily

The business daily reports that soon, the president and his deputy's Wealth will be in the public domain.

This is if Parliament passes a bill which seeks to make it easier for members of the public to access any information on the Networth of the leaders. For these and more stories, get a copy of your choice.

What are your expectations as BBI appeal case begins today? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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