Funny military rules you did not know

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Abiding by regulations that govern the wear, general conduct of military servicemen and care of a military uniform are a staple of any military service individual's daily routine. Here are some of the rules that the milltary must abide by them at all cost.

1. "Keep you hands out of your pocket".

According to the navy,it is inappropriate to have their hands In their pockets while in uniform.

2. "No ear or eye protection in formation".

Regardless of the climate, military servicemen aren't allowed to protect their ears or eyes but for the airforce some are allowed to wear sunglasses provided he or she has a note from a doctor.

3."Do not walk and talk on the phone while in uniform".

While walking in uniform,use if personal electronic media device is limited to emergencies or when high ranking official notification are necessary. It gets weird with saluting while holding a phone up to your ear.

4. Don't walk on the grass.

The military does not really issue explanations along with their rules,so everyone has a different view as why troops can't walk on grass on base. Covering tracks and trails, maintaining the vegetation,no one knows for sure,the military follow orders and don't ask questions.

5. No kissing, hugging or hand holding.

The servicemen and servicewomen are not allowed to kiss or high while in unify to maintain a decorum .

6.Right hand free.

To ensure a salute can be rendered when appropriate, service members generally try to keep their right hand free at all times.

7.When it comes to carrying things like umbrellas and bags,they have a special rule too. The umbrella must be all black and feature no label or branding on it.

Which of the seven rules would you find it hard to follow if you were a servicemen or which of them seems so weird too you. Feel free to leave a comment.

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