My Husband scolded me for years after wetting the bed in a dream 🤦


Pls like and share your comments if you have ever dreamt and wakeup to see it happening.

A dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. 

Dreams are stories and images that our minds create during our sleep. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre. It is a natural phenomenon that happens to every person, as much as dreams are important to us, it depends on your personal believes and thoughts to understand the hidden meaning of what it implies. 

I personally believe a dream is the way nature communicate with us, but it seems most dreams never comes true, well, I know that some dreams do happen but that depends entirely on the dreamer.

One dream which from many testimony, claims to have a quick effect on people is when you dream of voiding/urinating in a gather or in the bathroom 

Many people have had experience of the disgraceful effect of this dream, ones or twice in your lifetime.

A lady narrate how her nickname WEEWE came to being, which also made her then boyfriend scolded/laugh at her for years due to a dream she had, she claims she visited her boyfriend during the day, they visited a local restaurant and had a lot to eat and drink, they got home tired at night and immediately fell asleep, in her sleep she dreamt of being alone in the house and suddenly felt the sensation to void, she then entered the bathroom and began to void, suddenly she felt a hot liquid on her skin, this promptly waked her up and to her surprise, she had wet the bed and was lying in a pool of urine, what the hell haha 🤭

After that day her then boyfriend that she married to a year after named her (WEEWE) and he keep calling her this name up till date. 

Dreams do happens sometimes, which this said, I would like to share with you some fact about dreams.


• We may not remember dreaming, but everyone is thought to dream between 3 and 6 times per night

It is thought that each dream lasts between 5 to 20 minutes.

• Around 95 percent of dreams are forgotten by the time a person gets out of bed.

• Dreaming can help you learn and develop long-term memories.

• Blind people dream more with other sensory components compared with sighted people.