Ivy Namu Shares Her Reaction to People Asking Why She Does Not Shave Her Son's Hair.

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Wife to Willis Raburu, Ivy Namu shared her reaction to people who keep on asking why she does not shave her baby's hair. Namu who recently revealed that she has never shaved her son's hair have stated that a number of people have been asking her why she does not shave her son.

Speaking on her Instagram platform, the digital influencer shared a fifteen seconds video where she reacted to people asking her to shave son's hair. Namu states on the video that: "I am going to do what I need to do when I need to do it. I don't need anyone to question me about it".

The mother of one said on the video that she will shave her son's hair when she needs to. Therefore, online fans should stop asking her to do so. Kenyans on social media reacted on the comment section. Willis Raburu also shared his comment. Here is the full post.

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