Lulu Hassan's Message To Jovial That Has Elicited Mixed Reactions After Fascinating Birthday Party

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Popular Citizen TV news anchor Lulu Hassan has sent a vote of thanks to singer Juliet Miriam Ayub alias Jovial. Jovial graced Rashid Abdalla's birthday party as she sang nice songs and danced to the tune of the music alongside Lulu Hassan's husband. While a section of Kenyans have sent messages of criticism to Jovial over the attempt to dance alongside Rashid Abdalla in the presence of his wife, Lulu Hassan has gone ahead to thank her for the good job.

Taking to her Instagram page, the popular female anchor sent a touching message to Jovial as she utterly appreciated her for the effort she made in making the big day a fantastic one. Swahili news anchor Rashid Abdalla was having a birthday party, an event which saw quite a number of close friends and relatives attend the ceremony.

However, videos of the birthday party rocked the social media with Kenyans reacting in different ways. A brief video of Jovial dancing with Rashid Abdalla also emerged, the video shows Lulu Hassan interrupting the dance between the two. Kenyans were quick to react with some slamming Jovial as others termed Lulu Hassan's action as one done out of jealousy. Even so, this isn't the case as Lulu Hassan has sincerely appreciated Jovial's tireless efforts.

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