Murathe Strikes Again, Makes another Prediction On what Awaits Ruto and Other Rebel Jubilee Members


With a year and a few months remaining for the country to go to the 2022 general elections, the ruling Jubilee party continues to face leadership wrangles with the members of the party divided into two factions.

Uhuru's allies in the party like David Murathe have however been blamed by Ruto and his allies as being behind the woes facing the party and could lead to the fall of the party.

David Murathe has been especially a fierce critic of Ruto and his allies in the party whom he has always accused of undermining the president.

Murathe has now become a powerful man in Uhuru's government and the ruling Jubilee Party since all his declaration in the party have always come true.

Last year Murathe had predicted the fall of Murkomen and other allies of Ruto a prophecy which came to pass when Murkomen was ousted from his Majority leadership position in the Senate.

Murathe also made a prophecy last week that the only remaining ally of Ruto in the party Kositanyi will be removed and this declaration and prophecy was once again realized.

Murathe has now striked again making another prediction on what awaits Ruto and other rebel members in the ruling party.

Speaking to the Nation today, Murathe has now told Ruto and his allies to prepare for the worse since they are not done with them yet.

Murathe has taken issues with Ruto and his allies associating with UDA and this association could spell doom for them in the coming days.

Murathe could therefore be implying that Jubilee Party might resolve to expell all the rebel members associating with UDA hence leading to by-elections in their respective constituencies.