Opinion: What should happen to customers without meter


Nigeria Electricity Regulation Commission NERC has mandated the electricity Distribution Company (DisCos) to replace faulty and obsolete meters for their customer.

This is to say that customers without meter or those customers using outdated meter will get a replacement.

Even though the modality of dishing out the meters wasn't stated, NERC stated that the existence of unmetered customers is contributing to the threat of financial stability of the electricity market.

The effective date for the distribution according to NERC, was on March 4, 2021.

The commission notes that over 7 million customers are currently unmetered as indicated by customer enumeration data. It is also estimated that an additional 3 million meters are obsolete and due for replacement.

My opinion

One threat to achieving this prosperous plan still remain poor the different power distribution company. Some of them are very reluctant to distribute meter as it pays them privately when they estimate bills to customers. In some part of the country, some distribution company insist on total payment of old debt, before meter is issued, even though they know that even with meter old debts can systematically be collected.

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