The Help and Thorn of the Digital Age: Are we Spiraling Towards Advancement or Destruction?


The cycle of life causes the manner of living to progress or regress with each age and experience. When an age immerges and leads to a profound depravity in the sanity, sanctity, and rationality of the men and women of the age, it is heartbreaking. Modernization's cloaked influence has become more of a fear than a gift.

Access has grown simple, yet men's graves have been placed in their own hands. An age where digitalism is making children do the abominable in a bid to make it in life, where accreditation given by certified institutions cannot be trusted unless probed and investigated because fraudsters have infiltrated the digital market.

Our digital world has been shattered and tampered with; it is sick and requires medical attention. If we do not address these issues, we will be held responsible for the impending rise in vices and gloom in our country.

Are we certain that this opportunity cost is worthwhile?