Latest Updates From Laikipia As Shared By National Police Service

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National police department through it's official Facebook page account has said laikipia residents will benefit on the drought ongoing since the government has established digging borehole for the pastoralists get water for animals.

To cushion pastoralists from effects of perennial drought, the Laikipia multi-agency security team embarked on drilling boreholes and constructing dams to cater for the needs of local communities.

This will also reduce inter-communal conflicts caused by the scramble for few shared resources.

Following drought that is experienced in components of the country, there has been an inflow in movement by way of herders looking for water and pasture.

While the security groups preserve to engage peacefully with communities to prevent recurrence of war, they've lauded locals for working tirelessly inside the healing of peace by embracing the shaped Peace Caravans that help with the reconciliation journey.

The multi-corporation security group assures residents in their protection and safety this festive month. security groups will make certain the rule of regulation is upheld always.

The government will assist displaced residents resettle after recent attacks in Laikipia even as we ramp up security and other measures to restore calm and peaceful coexistence among communities in the region.

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