"Wameamini Kenya Ni Babayao" See The Position The Kenyan Flag Holds In World's Most Beautiful Flags


National flags represents a lot more than just a country's identity and pride. They are used in major historic events such as the Olympics. The Kenyan flag is a mixture of bright colours arranged in an attractive manner. It has won the heart of many people across the globe.

Kenyas flag came into use since 1963 when the country gained independence. It is ranked tenth worldwide and stands at position three in Africa after Mozambique and South Africa. The flag has a shield at its center criss-crossed by two spears. The two are embedded in a horizontal tricolour of black, red, white, and green.

The black colour signifies the African continent and Kenyan people. They fought against the influence of the whites leaving behind a landmark to be celebrated. Green colour stands for the natural landscape and wealth of the country. Red colour represents the blood which was shed in Kenya through the struggles to gain independence. White symbolizes peace and unity being enjoyed in the country.

Australian flag takes position one on the world ranking, followed by the flag of Brazil, Mozambique, South Africa, Malaysia, Nepal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United States and Kyrgyzstan in the top ten list. Kenyan flag still remains outstanding in Olympic games.

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